Sunday, March 1, 2015

Andy Adams - FlakPhoto Digest

The amazing Andy Adams, blogger, writer, curator, photographer and founder of the influential facebook groups Flak Photo network (with, as I write,13275 members) and Flak Photo Books (with 5476 members), this weekend launched his all new weekly weekend photography digest.

Andy says this: And we're live! In a way, this project is about going back to the drawing board — thinking differently and seeing what's possible. A reminder: You're on this email list since you opted in to the FlakPhoto Digest beta. To begin with, we're capped at 5,000 email subscribers. This is an experiment so I'm planning to play fast and loose with the format in the coming weeks. Eventually we'll open this up to the public. For now, let's keep things small. The Digest is the start of a new direction for FlakPhoto. And it's going to impact the shape of our website reboot later this year. As always, your feedback will be essential in helping me find the way. I want to hear from you. Please feel free to reply to this and future emails with feedback, suggestions, solutions and criticism. Your opinion matters. Thanks in advance for your time and insights. Now, sit back and relax.

Anybody, any photographer, with even a passing interest in what's happening in the photoworld should (must) connect with one or other of Andy Adams photography ventures. I cannot think of anybody else in this crazy photography business who has selflessly done so much to spread the word and the works out to we practitioners. As I said in my this mornings tweet GO ANDY! And Andy thank you! 

If you remain unconvinced check out Andy Adams web presence HERE at

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