Monday, January 19, 2015

PHOTOBOOKSTORE - Photobook update

UK's PHOTOBOOKSTORE lists a host of new photobook arrivals in their January 16 mailout. Included is Antoine d'Agata's new book Fukushima from Super Labo.

Many Japanese photographers have found themselves moved to photograph the aftermath of the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. French photographer Antoine d’Agata visited the area in 2014, and produced a body of work quite different to other reactions to the disaster.  Through photographing an extensive typology of abandoned houses, a moved d’Agata explored his own reaction to the devastated scene he faced. As he elaborates in the book’s foreword. “The void surrounds me and eats my belly. Through the clear glass of the car window, everything is grey…. Abandoned houses face the sea and the wind in the desert contaminated landscape. Being there, breathing cold air, memories of an outside world slowly dissolved into the crisp reality of boredom.”  Published by Super Labo as a slip-cased hardback edition of 500 copies, each copy of Fukushima comes with a signed and numbered certificate. Our copies of the book are also signed and dated on the book itself by Antoine. Fukushima by Antoine d’Agata is in stock now here.  

There is a video run through of Fukushima which you can see HERE.

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