Thursday, July 17, 2014

Israel Ariño - Le nom qui efface la couleur


Israel Ariño is a Barcelona based photographer who makes pictures that are spare yet loaded and have a profound beauty. Once in a while I see work that I wish I had made, here is such an occasion. 
Ariño's new bookwork - Le nom qui efface la couleur - revolves around what is possible, around the possibility of being one thing or another, of falling or flying, of remaining or vanishing, and in general, around man’s intrinsic freedom, which places him in a world full of options, forcing him to choose between one or another.
The work borders on abstraction, a state of mind in which to explore the limits of photography, a threshold from which to witness a new type of place coming into being, more indistinct and ambiguous but at the same time more involved in a territory rich in sentiment, metaphor and language.
The series was produced while Ariño was artist-in-residence in Nature Humaine, in the Centre region of France.

The book itself is a beautiful object. Published by Ediciones Anomalas the book feels good in the hands and the production values are superb. Printed on a luscious satin paper with intense blacks and subtle highlights. What's more, Israel Ariño not only knows how to make stunning photographs his edit and sequencing is masterful. 

Le nom qui efface la couleur, 24x20cm. 104 pages. Hardcover. A bargain at 25€
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