Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Newsprint Awards 2014 Recipients

The winners of the 2014 Newsprint Award have been announced. The overall winner is:

Noi Satirat Damampai with her project The War Within and runners up, Nobert Goertz with No Mans Land and Miro with I'm Lost in The World.
Noi Satirat Damampai was born in Hadyai, southern Thailand, where she is currently based.  Noi holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Thammasat University in Bangkok and started a professional career as a journalist and photographer for various English-language publications in Southeast Asia 2005. As one of the judges for the Award I was asked to comment: It was a great pleasure to be involved as a judge in the 2014 Newsprint Award organized by Victor Sira in New York, Shiori Kawasaki in Tokyo and Reminders Photography Stronghold (Yumi Goto and Masaru Goto) Tokyo. Overall I was impressed with the high level of work. The stand-out winner, Thai photographer Noi Satirat Damampai exhibited a superb depth of understanding in the treatment of her project, which she developed with integrity and authenticity. Called THE WAR WITHIN the project deals with the struggles of the Karen ethnic group. The work was sensitively realized in a manner that went beyond the usual presentation of documentary work and what's more the design of the book-work was in perfect harmony with the newsprint medium. Below are some spreads from Noi Satirat Damampai's project The War Within.

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