Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Photobook Club - goes viral

Since holding the first Photobook Club Meetup in London September 2011 there have been Photobook Clubs launching all over the place - Auckland, Bangalore, Barcelona, Barreiro, Belfast, Coventry, Galicia, Lisbon, Madrid, Melbourne, Murcia, New York, Porto, San Sebastian, Tokyo, Toledo. And more to come...

These regular meetups are where photobook enthusiasts, photographers, gallerists, curators and other passionate individuals can chew the fat over what's new and hot in the Photobook world or simply revisit some of the golden oldies.

Initiated in the UK by photographer Matt Johnston, the Photobook Club website gives an overview of the club and with regular posts detail places and dates of meetings.
To help strengthen global connections a 'Box of Books' has been assembled which will travel around the world stopping off at each of the Photobook Club branches. 

For those of you on facebook there is a Photobook Club page and a club newsletter which you can sign up to receive by going to the club's website HERE.

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