Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paul Graham reports from Ireland

Paul Graham is currently in Ireland for his show at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. Paul reports that he is staying at Harvey's Point in Donegal. The place looks amazing...

Paul Graham, Harvey's Point

The Douglas Hyde Gallery has this to say about Paul's show.

Paul Graham, a shimmer of possibility
27 July - 19 September, 2012

In the summer of 2004, having moved to New York from London two years before, Paul Graham set out on the first of many trips around America to explore and photograph the country. This exhibition has been chosen by the artist from the resulting series of images, entitled a shimmer of possibility, which was first published in 2007 and has since been shown in many galleries and museums around the world, including MoMA, New York. Inspired by the short stories of Chekhov, each series (the original publication was made up of twelve slim books) includes a varying number of pictures and provides an attentive recollection of ordinary moments in the lives of some people Graham encountered on his travels. Including such subjects as a woman eating a take-out meal, a man cutting the grass, or people waiting at a bus-stop, they reflect aspects of ordinary American life that are infused, if you look carefully, with wonder and acceptance. As Graham has said, "Perhaps instead of standing at the river's edge scooping out water, it's better to be in the current itself, to watch how the river comes up to you, flows smoothly around your presence, and reforms on the other side as if you were never there."

Click here to view the publication which accompanies this exhibition.

Paul Graham has exhibited at many major museums and galleries around the world; earlier this year he won the prestigious international 'Hasselblad Award'. He is represented by Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London; The Pace Gallery, New York; and Pace MacGill, New York, amongst other galleries.


It was a pleasure to see an installation of Paul's shimmer work currently showing at MoMA in New York.  

Paul Graham - a shimmer of possibility, MoMA, NYC

I asked Paul what his plans are for new work. He told me kittens, flowers and babies. If anybody can make a combination like that work Paul can. Watch this space...


OO said...

This is just about the most disheartening news I could receive now, considering I'm already working on a project of - flowers, sunsets and nudes, the three clichés.

This news has effectively kill all desire to finish it.

Its 2AM time to catch some oblivious sleep.

Harvey's Blog said...

Paul never mentioned nudes so I think you'll be ok :-)

OO said...

I Just woke up, and as of the pass few hours my subconsciousness seemed untroubled.

However upon waking my rational mind, starts to kick in and I have a mental list of about 20 reason not to continue.... I won't mention them (I sure you could come up with several of them)

Its just too similar (I even started on cats, then changed the list slightly)
Moving onto something else seems the best course of action.

I'm sorry for complaining Harvey.
Keep up the good work on the blog.

Harvey's Blog said...

Thanks, appreciate you comments and I'm sure not complaining just questioning as we all do!