Friday, June 15, 2012

Photographers whose work I like - No18/ Pierre Defaix

Pierre Defaix, from the series Short Stories, (Number 9)
I've never met Pierre Defaix and his work was unknown to me. He approached me a few days ago and asked me to look at his pictures.  What struck me immediately was that although we are looking at similar things Pierre's way of seeing is totally different to mine. I like the obvious satisfaction he derives from his looking at small scenarios and simple pleasures and the short stories that result. His observation of that which we often overlook in our quest for the "bigger picture" is acute and memorable.

Pierre Defaix was born in France, in 1971. After graduating from University of Sorbonne, Paris with a Bachelor of cinema and media and a Bachelor of comparative Literature, he obtained a fellowship  to study at Brown University , Providence, Rhode Island, USA . He followed the coursework in film making with the filmmaker Leslie Thornton. Back in Paris  he began his photographic career as a freelance photographer making fashion editorial and portraits for magazine and newspapers. He also worked several years as a stills photographer  for film production companies.  He is currently based in Nice, France. You can go to his website HERE.

And below, images from the bookwork,  All things I remember from here.

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