Monday, August 16, 2010

Koji Onaka solo exhibition"Horse& Cactus"

Koji Onaka has a solo show "Horse& Cactus" opening tomorrow at the EMON PHOTO GALLERY in Tokyo.

He writes:

Horse and Cactas

I thought I would go to Mexico.
Why,I didn't know.
It was useless to think about that.
I don't know Spanish at all.
But,It would be okay.

I got on a train,took some buses,and then got on a train again.
I went over the sea by ferryboat,and pedaled a bicycle.
I lost my way,and I tried to ride a horse.
I didn't book any hotels and I wandered from town to town.
It was okay.

I was the only one at a local station in the mountains.
I escaped from some dogs that chased me.
I was staying in a town that was flooded by a hirricaine.
I feel nostalgic for those days.

Lot of films in my backpack.
I didn't have any plans.
I was able to go anywhere.
I could shoot somting or nothing at all and it was okay.

I would like to take this wonderful trip again.
I would like to take this wonderful trip again.

Koji Onaka

Opening reseption party at 6pm on August 17th.
Pamphlet:only 500 copies 1000yen on signed
T-shirt:limited a little 2000yen

from August 17th to September 10th
open Tue-Fri11:00-19:00 Sat-18:00 Sun-close