Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photographers whose work I like - No 4 / Wolfgang Zurbon

I have known Wolfgang Zurbon for a number of years now. We met first at the Arles Festival in the South of France and whenever I'm in Cologne, where I write this now, Wolfgang kindly provides a bed and hospitality. Apart from his photography practise, Wolfgang and business partner Tina Schelhorn have run their active photography gallery, galerie Lichtblick for over twenty years.
Wolfgang's photographic sensibility is most certainly not of the Becher school. His work looks at strange realtionships, found in life wherever he looks. Bizare, highly colored and full of humour.
Here is some of his most recent work made for a commisioned project looking at the region of Rhein-Sieg-area near Cologne.

Wolfgang writes, "The unique possibilities presented by the medium of photography are comprised precisely of the dialogue with the outside world and the ability to continually question the perception of it according to one’s criteria, in order to expose it, transform it into a visual experiment. The key to the quest for order in photography, involving the interplay of bodies, objects, signs and spaces transforming them to a legible structure, to a comprehensible composition, is not to lose sight of chaos. It is exactly this “Drift” in the every surroundings that gives these photographs its unlimited liveliness."

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Mike C said...

Wolfgang Zurborn's hardback book "Drift" is a delight. I also like his work.