Friday, July 24, 2009

Auckland - walking my camera again

Have just read an interview, James Miller talking to Alec Soth about his "Last Days of W" series. Alec talks about the notion of fragmentation in picture making, where images break the established sequential narrative. Where there is a "fragmentary surprise... and more freedom to be less literal". He comments "there is this real trend that's happening right now, it’s coming out of Yale, this super-fragmentary, Roe Etheridge kind of, every image is hip and cool and distinct."

Of course I warm to this idea. I'm all for opening up gaps in the narrative. To me the gaps underline the fundamental state of ISness in the individual images and opens up a line of thinking about how things and ideas coexist. And the gaps make room for the viewer to interpose and bring their own ideas and narrative possibilities to the reading of the work.
Having said this here are four pictures I made yesterday. Each a fragment.... disconnected and connected as well.... as for the narrative, you work it out.

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