Saturday, November 22, 2008

Paris - rendezvous at le fumoir

Le fumoir, my Paris office, located at the eastern end of the Louvre is not only a pleasant and perfect Parisian cafe but superbly located. It's a short 20 minute walk from where I stay in the 11th and on the way to the left bank across the pont des arts. So it was at 11am on Wednesday November 13th I was due to meet Hungarian friend, curator, artist, Gergely Lazlo. Me seated on the comfortable leather sofa where 2 years ago Jim Casper had interviewed me for Lens Culture. As I waited who should arrive but Jim and the remarkable South African photographer Guy Tillim. Jim set to interview Guy. Small world we said as Jim and Guy retreated to the back room library for some peace and quiet. As it happened Gergely never arrived, sick in Budapest. After my coffee I invaded the back room and made this picture of the two (well three) deep in interview mode.

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